Sweet Home Coloring Game Review

I put up this blog because I’m into home improvement and interior decoration. I believe that having a fireplace in one’s home serves for a lot of purposes since it can provide for heat while also adding to the overall beauty of the house. It is for this reason why I also like games that revolve around homemaking.

For today’s topic, I decided to write a review on the Sweet Home Coloring game which can be found on the eduxtive site. It has nothing to do with a fireplace, but it has something to do with decorating a house.

Since this is a child’s game, it’s really very simple. However, I enjoyed it even if I’m an adult. I actually like its simplicity because it’s entertaining and relaxing and it doesn’t need any serious thinking.

Basically, it’s a dip and dot game since there’s a paint brush that you can dip in different colors so as to be able to paint the house and its surroundings. Just dip it and then dot it on a particular part of the drawing and it will be filled with color. It’s a lot like a coloring book, but it’s digital this time around.

I think it’s a good game because it can encourage the player to be creative with the colors. And it’s really helpful for young children who are just starting to learn and become creative.

The only thing that can be improved in this game is to add more drawings in the program. Right now it only has 4, so you can only color 4 drawings when you play this game. The good news is that you can paint a drawing differently every time you play it.

So if you are into homemaking and home decorating, you might want to try playing the game too. There are other games on the site, so you might want to check out their other games there too.

What? You want to go there right now? You can, by clicking here.

Enjoy the game and I’ll see you around for more reviews and information on home improvement, home decorations, and more!

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